My top 11 fave celebrity chefs

1. Chef Pasquale was known as the singing chef, he studied opera and was born in Calabria. His cooking show aired in the Toronto area since the 70’s.

2. Wok with Yan, I watched him after school in the 80’s, he was so funny. You can catch some on YouTube now.

3. Giada DeLaurentis is young and cute celebrity from the food network cooking show Everyday Italian.

4. Emeril Lagasse is one of the best personalities on the food network and his combination of heritage French Canadian and Portuguese growing up Mass. and later working in New Orleans his cuisine is quite original.

5. Jamie Oliver is got so much passion, he wants people to eat real food and be healthy, he specializes in Italian cuisine. I love his cooking show ministry of food, food revolution and Jamie’s great escapes.

6. Ellie Kreiger is a registered dietitian, nutritionist and a former model. Her cooking show is called Healthy Appetite.

7. Christine Cushing is Greek Canadian and I own one of her cookbooks of which is personally signed.

8. Nadia G. has a show called Bitchin Kitcken, she’s really funny, very pretty and can really cook from Montreal.

9. Laura Vitale is an online cooking show call Laura in the Kitchen, she reminds me of someone I know and she has some great ideas for Italian American cooking.

10. Ching He Huang is a Taiwanese-born British food writer and TV chef. I think she’s beautiful and her easy asian recipes are awesome.

11. Diane Kochilas is a Greek American chef and food writer based in Ikaria Greece, she has written more than a dozen books on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.


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