My top 10 favorite cheeses

1. Kefalograviera
A very popular cheese from Greece and could be used as a table cheese served as an appetizer with olives and wine, grated on pasta or made into saganaki.

2. Parmigiano-Reggiano
One of the most popular and known as the king of cheese from Italy. I absolutely love this cheese in every way.

3. Asiago
Another Italian cheese, but it’s also made it canada. Excellent accompanied by red wine.

4. Kasseri
From Greece and could be used in cooking, on pizza or grating on pasta.

5. Buffalo di Mozzarella
A fresh soft cheese from Italy, not aged or salted and is popular for Caprese Salad.

6. Haloumi
haloumi is usually from Cypress and will hold together on barbecue or grill.

7. Raclette
A very tasty Swiss cheese.

8. Blue cheese
Hails usually from France or Quebec in Canada and is a versatile cheese, my fave with crackers.

9. Xynomyzithra (sour Myzithra)
It has a more acidic or sour flavour. It is often added to pasta and has a great flavor. Again it hails from Greece.

10. Feta
The most popular cheese of Greece and it’s really gaining popularity around the world. It’s the cheese for Greek salad.



6 thoughts on “My top 10 favorite cheeses

  1. We have a drawer dedicated to cheese in our fridge: hard, soft, crumbly, I love them all
    🙂 cute post!

  2. Except for haloumi and feta, which I get regularly, I haven’t tried any of the other Greek cheeses that you mentioned, thanks for the recommendations. I agree and appreciate the rest of your list. The only other one I would add is gorgonzola.

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