Tahini and honey on toast

This is my breakfast on most weekday mornings with a Greek coffee.

Tahini is a paste from roasted and ground sesame seeds. Similar to peanut butter or more like a seed butter, it is very nutritious, high in protein and iron, pure honey has many important health benefits.

I’ve never believed in having big a breakfast. If you’ve only been awake a short time, why shock your system with a large amount of food.

Toast two slices of whole wheat or whole grain bread, spread Tahini on toasted bread then drizzle desired amount of high quality raw unpasteurized honey on top. Enjoy with green tea, strong coffee, Turkish coffee or espresso.




2 thoughts on “Tahini and honey on toast

  1. Never would have thought of this but I have a culinary curiosity and have learned to trust your recommendations (after having tried a few of your recipes). Plus I had tahini and have some great, natural honey in the house always. It was a really good, simple and quick breakfast. Thanks for the tip!

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