Oven Roasted Leg of Lamb with veggies

This dish is dedicated to my Dad. My uncle and Dad liked to drive out to a farm in southern Ontario and select their own lamb of which the farmer would catch and then slaughter. Sometimes the kids went on the trip too except my sister never went, she doesn’t eat red meat and especially couldn’t stand the thought of a little lamb being killed. At least us kids knew where are food came from. I personally prefer local lamb even though it’s more expensive, if all you can find is New Zealand lamb then that would do just fine.


1 leg of lamb bone in
bunches Swiss chard
4 large carrots cut into 2″ long
3 lb. potatoes cut in half or quartered
5 sprigs rosemary
Juice of one lemon
1 cup dry red wine or could use water
3/4 cup olive
12 cloves garlic minced
1 tbsp dried oregano
1.5 tbsp kosher salt
Ground black pepper to taste


Get out a large roasting pan large enough to hold the lamb leg, pour in the two cups of wine if using, otherwise water. In a small bowl prepare the merinade; chop up and combine the rosemary with 1 tbsp salt, oregano, olive oil, garlic, and ground black pepper, mix and brush entire leg of lamb on all sides including the bone.

Place leg in roasting pan, cover and roast in preheated 450* oven for 30 minutes. Now prepare potatoes and carrots, after washing them, mix them together with a bit of olive oil and remaining salt and set aside. Wash the swish chard, trim thick stem and set aside also.

After 30 minutes of lamb cooking at 450, turn heat down to 350 and add potatoes and carrots surrounding lamb. Baste the lamb lemon juice and again in 30 minutes with juices from bottom of toasting pan and cover and continue to cook for another 45 minutes. When time is up, take the top off the roasting pan, turn on convection if it’s an option and let roast another 10-15 minutes, after that add the Swiss chard, turn oven off, cover again and leave in oven another 15 minutes. I know that the lamb will be over cooked but we Greeks do not usually eat meat medium rare, and I promise it will melt in your mouth.

When all done, slice off meat, prepare serving plates with veggies on the side, serve with more lemon, oregano, pita bread and red wine for drinking.

Note: if feeding a large group, prepare more potatoes, carrots and Swiss card and also have Greek salad, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers etc around the table.

Thank you for checking out my blog.

Please enjoy, and comment below, letting me know the results or just any questions you may have.




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