Greek chicken wraps

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

2 red bell peppers 

4 garlic cloves minced 

Olive oil

Juice from one lemon

Small package of baby spinach 

1 tbls dried oregano 

Salt and pepper 

200 grams of Greek feta crumbled

12  large soft tortilla wraps or 20 small

Two large tomatoes diced


Bring the chicken to room temperature first before grilling them. Take chicken, cover with wax paper and pound with a meat tenderizer or a rolling pin to flatten slightly. Combine two tbls of olive oil, garlic, pinch of salt and pepper and pinch of dried oregano and marinade chicken with it. Prepare a hot BBQ grill or grill pan with high heat and brush grates with oil. Grill the chicken and the peppers on hot BBQ turning them after about 3 minutes, turn grill down to low after each side of chicken has char marks, cover BBQ and allow the chicken to cook through on low until cooked through. Take the peppers off grill and cover in plastic wrap for 10 minutes while they cool down. When chicken is done brush with some lemon juice and allow to rest on a plate covered with aluminum foil. In a bowl combine the tomatoes, oregano, salt and pepper, lemon juice. Peel and discard the charred skin off of the bell peppers and cut to julienne and add to bowl with tomatoes feta etc. cut chicken into strips and also add to bowl with peppers, feta etc. mix all ingredients in bowl. To prepare wraps : put some spinach leaves on a wrap, add some ingredients from the bowl on chicken, feta, peppers, and tomato, roll up, tuck in the sides and assemble seam side down, cut then in half on a diagonal and serve them at room temperature. These could be served with a dipping sauce such as ztatziki sauce!!! but I prefer them as is. Enjoy!!!


2 thoughts on “Greek chicken wraps

  1. I made these to bring to an all-day outdoor tournament that my daughter as in last Saturday and they were a HUGE hit with the kids and parents alike. Huge. This will be something I bring to potlucks and picnics regularly in the future. Tha

    I only made two modifications. I omitted the tomatoes, as my daughter doesn’t like them in wraps or sandwiches. And I treated my chicken a little differently. I made it on the Friday night, and prepared my wraps on the Saturday morning. To keep my chicken flavourful and moist, while my chicken was cooking I prepared a “bath” of olive oil, some vinegar (use balsamic or red wine), some lemon juice, fresh herbs, salt, pepper and freshly chopped garlic. Right after the chicken was finished cooking, I sliced it and put the still warm slices in the bath. Each individual slice soaks up the flavour, and the chicken says moist (and flavourful) until you put it into the wrap. I used to do this when I had a café so prepared the fillings in the morning for the servers to use for paninis during the day.

    Thanks so much for this!!!!

    • I’m so happy they were a hit. I’m even more happy that you made your own modifications. Thank you for following me also, happy Canada day!!

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