About me

I’m a graphic designer and I home Chef. I’ve been cooking homemade food since I was a child and now I hope to keep that food passion for my children. I was born in Montreal Canada to Greek immigrants and my mother would cook traditional Greek food. Montreal was the biggest city in Canada in the sixties, its where my parents met in Montreal’s Greektown. (Parc Avenue) In 1970 my sister, myself and my parents moved to Windsor Ontario where My father worked at the Ford Motor Company and my mom was a seamstress until she moved on and worked in a kitchen mostly for a Greek restaurant of which she continues to this day. My little brother was Born in 1971. I was always in the kitchen helping mom unless I was playing soccer or hockey. Dad was also a hunter and would bring home game meat which made things even more interesting. I was a picky child but if I got to cook then I would eat it, mom always talked nutrition way back in the seventies, I just cared about taste back then. Eventually I would cook the family meals when mom was busy and I was a teenager even cooking for my friends. When I moved out and went to Toronto from Windsor, I started to explore all the ethnic food the big city had to offer especially Toronto’s little Italy (College Street) where I lived for many years. Greektown, Little India, and Chinatown were great too but I always came back to the Mediterranean in my kitchen as its what was familiar to me. I worked and lived on college street and I was designing and printing menus at the print shop where I worked for the trendy establishments in little Italy. I got married to a wonderful woman, had a boy and a little girl and then moved to Ottawa. I continue to work in printing and publishing and I do love my job, but sometimes I can’t wait to get home and cook dinner for the family. The recipes in the blog are some that have been passed on from my parents and upbringing and others come from my development as a home chef. My grandparents lived in Greece and all lived to 91, 96, 95 and 103 respectively. I am always inspired to cook Greek-Mediterranean food and a way of life of hospitality and fun. I now coach my sons competitive soccer team and I encourage people everywhere to live active lifestyles and pay close attention to nutrition.

I hope you find inspiration in my recipes and foodie thoughts.

Thank you for reading my blog

Jim Anastasopoulos




2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Beautiful story! I love your blog.
    Suzanne xoxo

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