My top cooking films

I love to watch movies about food, but even though I love documentaries, I am not including them here in this list.

1. Sideways
If you love red wine as I do then you will love this film. Picking up chicks, getting drunk, touring wineries in Napa Valley.

2. Big Night
Stanley Tucci, Minnie Driver, Issabella Rossallini. I love Italian food, the Timpano is a highlight, the arguments, the cheating, the music and the roasted suckling pig, this film is not to be missed.

3. Politiki Kouzina
The American name of the film is: A touch of spice. The movie is set in Greece and Turkey, a bit of a love story, some history, food and the deportation of Greeks from Istanbul in the 1950’s.

4. Julie and Julia
I have a thing for Amy Adams and Meryl Streep as Julia Child is really well done.

5. Ratatouille
It’s a cartoon, but it’s really awesome film.

6. Ramen Girl
Interesting film about and American girl in Japan who eventually strives to become a ramen noodle chef even though communicating is difficult.

7. Chocolat
Set in Paris in the late 50’s and a village that is very traditional where chocolate confections are taboo.

8. Like water for Chocolate
Award winning film set in Mexico, the main character loves to cook and falls in love with someone she is forbidden to marry.

9. Tortilla Soup
Chef father widower has three beautiful adult daughters. Very fun film with lots of twists and turns.

10. Under a Tuscan Sun
I loved the book, the movie and I love Diane Lane in a film that is so wonderful in many ways.

11. Moonstruck
A New York family, Jewish, Italian and the first time I saw a toad in-the-hole. A romantic comedy film directed by Norman Jewison. It stars Cher, Nicolas Cage, Danny Aiello, Vincent Gardenia, and Olympia Dukakis.

12. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
Another cartoon that was a lot of fun and a message that even kids could understand.