Saganaki Sandwich

I’ve been making Saganaki cheese at home since I was about 12 years old but it never occurred to me that I could put the cheese in a sandwich until now.


1lb Kefalograviera cheese, you could substitute, haloumi cheese, kasseri or kefalotiri cheese. These cheeses can be found at Greek stores, Nicastro’s in Ottawa and you can actually find a cheese named saganaki already portioned out ready to fry at Sobeys.

Crusty bread or 4 kaiser buns
100gr mixed greens or baby kale or spinach
Olive oil
1 Red sweet pepper or preserved roasted red pepper
1 Tomato
Couple good pinches Greek dried oregano and freshly cracked pepper

Slice tomato in slices, heat an oven on broil and place the red pepper on a piece of foil 10cm away from the broiler or grill the pepper. Cut the cheese in 4 slices approx. 7cm square by 5mm thick. Slice bread for sandwiches or cut buns in half and brush with olive oil, lightly toast bread in broiler or grill. When pepper gets charred remove from broiler or grill and wrap in foil for a few minutes to cool. Unwrap the foil and peep off the charred skin and discard, chop the pepper in slices.
Wet the cheese with water and dust cheese with some flour. Heat a non stick frying pan on medium high heat add a tablespoon of olive oil to pan and then add the cheese and fry, do not crowd frying pan, fry two slices of cheese at a time if pan is small. After two minutes flip cheese and fry an additional two minutes, remove cheese from pan and keep warm.

Arrange the mixed greens on toasted bread and top with the fried cheese, then top with tomato slices and roasted pepper slices, sprinkle dried oregano and fresh cracked pepper on top and put the other piece of bread on top and serve.

I prefer to keep this sandwich meatless as I really want the cheese to stand out. Other ideas to include inside sandwich would be olive paste, steamed kale or Swiss chard, pesto, zucchini slices, roasted eggplant and even cucumber.
Enjoy as I did.